A demonic beer...

First, there were the teasers, the rascals and the mischief makers : real little devils. Eccentric to the very tip of their horns, the Diabolici were born in a mash tub which they consider to be the most precious source in the world.

To honour their origins, these jokers have brought out the secret recipe for their much loved liquid : a demonic beer in the image of their lively and quirky spirit.

This artisanal beverage, the fruit of a jealously guarded ancestral recipe, has a thousand and one tricks up its sleeve : sometimes amusing, sometimes lively, it all depends ! Beware of appearances : even the most daring have their breath taken away by this beer.

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Cast a spell on your friends and try to win lots of prizes !

Spin the bottle and cast a spell on a friend whose name begins with the letter indicated. Your friend will be notified on Twitter and may cast a spell on one of their friends too. Encourage them to pass on the spell, because the bigger the chain, the more you increase your chances of winning...

Up to 300 winners per month !

Each month, the three longest chains are awarded prizes. For each of them : the person that cast the first spell wins a Diabolici box set and two t-shirts; the 100 links that come closest to the correct answer to the subsidiary question win a 75cl bottle of Diabolici.

Your age in beer !

Every three months, the person coming closest to the correct answer to the second subsidiary question will win their age in 75cl bottles of Diabolici, regardless of the chain they belong to !

Do not break the chain !

If you break the chain, not only will you be cursed forever, but you will be certain to never win anything.
Diabolical, isn’t it?

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